Singel 24-7

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Singel 24-7
Genre Reality TV
Created by Lasse Hallberg
Presented by Trygve Rønningen
Country of origin Norway
Original language(s) Norwegian
No. of seasons 1
Producer(s) Lasse Hallberg
Location(s) Fornebu
Running time 60 minutes (Including commercials)
Original network TV3
Original release 2004

Singel 24-7 was a Norwegian reality TV series that aired on TV3.

5 boys and 5 girls will live together in a house and try to find a partner. 2 people will try and split up the other couples. In Singel 24-7 none of the contestants will get voted out. The viewers can choose which contestants will be living together. In Singel 24-7 Direkte two of the couples will each week be split up.

The 2 single contestants will each week get an assignment where they will be competing against each other. The winner of the assignment will get to choose who he or she will be living with for the next week, and can also take him or her out on a romantic date. Who the other single contestant will be living with is the viewers choice.


Contestants on Singel 24-7 [1]

Name Age Hometown Profession
Kristian Eide 24 Bergen Student BI
Aleksander Paus 24 Bærum Student/Computer technician
Yann Gloux 22 Stavanger Bouncer
Christian Jørgensen 31 Trondheim
Jim Klausen 25 Tønsberg Owns a business
Porang Emamdost 24 Skien Student
Trude Hagen 26 Seljord Decorator
Malin Andersen 23 Fredrikstad Manager for a clothing store
Jorun Wisløff 21 Kristiansand Works in a store/model
Malin Moen 21 Kristiansand Nurse student
Maria Ødemark 21 Askim Pharmacist

Anita N Jensen 23 Oslo/Kvinnherad Sale


The series opened with 252 000 viewers, but a week after Singel 24-7 had only 105 000 viewers.[2] The final episode was watched by 64 000 viewers, and the whole series had an average of 62 000 viewers.[3]


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