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Siphiwo Ntshebe (28 June 1974 – 25 May 2010) was a South African tenor opera singer. Former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela personally selected Ntshebe to perform at the opening ceremony for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Johannesburg. Ntshebe died of meningitis on 25 May 2010, days before he was due to perform at the opening ceremonies on 11 June 2010. Keith Lister, chief executive of Sony Music Entertainment, the parent of Ntshebe's record label, described his death as "a sad, tragic story."[1] Timothy Moloi sang the song "Hope" in his place.[2]


Ntshebe was born and lived in the South African seaside city of Port Elizabeth, in the New Brighton Township. His father Lumkile "Wilmot" Ntshebe was an industrial glazier who died in an industrial accident on 27 November 2001,[citation needed] whilst Siphiwo was studying at university, leaving Siphiwo as head of the family and breadwinner. His mother, Nowezile Lulama "Patience" Ntshebe, works as a housekeeper and he has three siblings,[3] sister Nobulumko "Michelle" Ntshebe, and two brothers, Nceba "Christopher" Ntshebe and Mzingisi "Bennett" Ntshebe.

Ntshebe was selected for Opera Queensland's Young Artists Programme and received a scholarship for the Royal College of Music from 2004 to 2007.

He died in Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth, aged 35. His album Hope was released in June 2010.


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