Sistani Persian people

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Sistani Persian people
Regions with significant populations
Eastern Iran
Sistani Language
Shi'a Islam
Related ethnic groups
Other Iranian peoples

Sistani Persian people or Sistanis are a Persian speaking ethnic group who primarily inhabit Sistan in southeastern Iran. They live in the northern part of Sistan and Balouchistan province, where they form a minority after Baluchis. Since recent decades many also have migrated to other parts of Iran such as Tehran and Golestan provinces in northern Iran. The largest city of Sistan region is Zabol. Sistanis speak a dialect of Persian known as Zaboli or Sistani.

Sistani Persians are Shia Muslims, in contrast to Baluchis who are Sunnis. The Iranian Shia cleric Ayatollah Sistani, though from Mashhad, had an ancestor who moved to Sistan during the Safavid era to engage in religious activities in the region.

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