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Pandit Sitārām Bhāskar Bhāgwat(Hindi: पंडित सीताराम भास्कर भागवत) (20 September 1904 – 21 August 1999) was an Indian political and social leader in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Sitaram Bhagwat
Personal details
Born 20 September 1904
Chhatarpur, Central Province, British India
Died 21 August 1999(1999-08-21) (aged 94)
Jhansi, UP, India
Political party Indian National Congress
Spouse(s) Savitri Bai
Profession Doctor


  • Born on 20 September 1904 in Maharajpur village, Chhatarpur district, in Madhya Pradesh.

He was the second son of Pandit Bhaskar Narayan Bhagwat, who was a teacher at Maharajpur village, Chhatarpur district.

Independence movement[edit]

He actively participated in all the independence movements between 1921 and 1942.[citation needed] He was sent to jail several times.[citation needed]His wife, Savitri Bai Bhagwat also was jailed with her infant daughter.[citation needed] He was the main pillar of Congress' independence movement in Jhansi along with Pandit Raghunath Dhulekar.[citation needed] He was also a close friend of revolutionaries like Chandrashekhar Azad, Sadashivrao Malkapurkar, Bhagwan Das mahaur, etc.[citation needed] He was the president of Congress committee of Jhansi for many years.

After Independence[edit]

He continued teaching at Bundelkhand Ayurvedic College, Jhansi till 1974. He was the Pro Vice Chancellor of Jhansi Ayurvedic University. Sitaram Bhagwat was instrumental in promoting education in Bundelkhand area and had played important roles in building temples of education in the region, namely, Bundelkhand Ayurvedi College, Bundelkhand Degree College, Sanatan Dharma Kanya Inter College(for education of girls), and many others. He was an adroit physician and practised pure Ayurveda till his death.

Books authored[edit]

  • Nagari Nootan Shiksha Paddhati(Published)
  • Hruday Rog evam unki Chikitsa(Unpublished)
  • Vajikaran evam Rasaayn Shaastra(Unpublished)
  • Chandrashekhar Azad ke Sansmaran(Unpublished)