Situation Normal

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Situation Normal
Situation normal.jpg
Studio album by Snafu
Released 1974
Recorded Advision (basic backing tracks),
Air London (vocals, final overdubs and mixes)
Genre Rhythm and Blues / rock
Length 37:18
Label WWA
Producer Steve Rowland
Snafu chronology
Situation Normal
All Funked Up

Situation Normal is the second studio album by SNAFU. Peter Solley's fiddle lends this album a curious Country and Western tone in places, unusual for what was essentially an R&B band. But the album still contains a short version of the classic "Lock and Key" with Micky Moody's distinctive slide guitar.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Micky Moody, Peter Solley and Bobby Harrison

  1. "No More"
  2. "No Bitter Taste"
  3. "Brown Eyed Beauty & The Blue Assed Fly"
  4. "Lock and Key"
  5. "Big Dog Lusty"
  6. "Playboy Blues"
  7. "Jessie Lee"
  8. "Ragtime Roll"


Horn section on "Ragtime Roll":

Other personnel[edit]

  • Martin Rushent - engineer
  • Bill Price - overdub engineer
  • Ashley Howe - vocals and final overdub engineer
  • Martin Dean - photography
  • Gregory Hodal - artwork


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