Skalmen Lighthouse

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Skalmen Lighthouse
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Skalmen Lighthouse is located in Møre og Romsdal
Skalmen Lighthouse
Møre og Romsdal
LocationSmøla Municipality
Møre og Romsdal
Coordinates63°28′19″N 07°45′25″E / 63.47194°N 7.75694°E / 63.47194; 7.75694Coordinates: 63°28′19″N 07°45′25″E / 63.47194°N 7.75694°E / 63.47194; 7.75694
Year first constructed1907 (first)
Year first lit1962 (current)
Constructionwooden tower
Tower shapesquare tower with balcony and lantern attached to keeper's house
Markings / patternwhite tower, red lantern
Tower height15.5 metres (51 ft)
Focal height24 metres (79 ft)
Intensity79,200 candela
Range14.8 nmi (27.4 km; 17.0 mi)
CharacteristicFl W 30s.
Iso R 2s.
Admiralty numberL1348
NGA number7428
ARLHS numberNOR-203
Norway numberNF-4330

Skalmen Lighthouse (Norwegian: Skalmen fyr) is a coastal lighthouse located in Smøla Municipality, Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The lighthouse is located on a small islet about 6.5 kilometres (4.0 mi) northwest of the villages of Råket and Dyrnes on the main island of Smøla.[1]


The lighthouse was established in 1907 and automated in 2002. The 16-metre (52 ft) tall tower is attached to a lighthouse keeper's house. The main light on top of the lighthouse emits one white flash every 30 seconds. The 79,200-candela main light can be seen for up to 14.8 nautical miles (27.4 km; 17.0 mi). There is also a secondary light 3 metres (9.8 ft) below the main light. The secondary light emits a red light: 2 seconds on and then 2 seconds off. The site is only accessible by boat.[2][3][4]

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