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Skate Jawn
Founded inPhiladelphia, PA
First issue2010
Based inBrooklyn, NY

Skate Jawn is a skateboarding magazine founded in 2010 by Marcus Waldron in Philadelphia, PA.[1]

Magazine history[edit]

Originating as a black and white, east coast-focused skate zine; as of 2021, Skate Jawn prints 5,000 copies per issue in full color.[1][2][3][4][5] The magazine gets its name from the Philadelphia term "jawn", meaning thing or person.[6] The original name of the magazine was Skate Jawn Mag Jawn, shortened after the second issue to Skate Jawn.[6]


In 2019, DC Shoes and Skate Jawn collaborated on a Skate Jawn themed, Lynx model skate shoe.[7] In 2021, Skate Jawn and OJ Wheels collaborated on a tour, merchandise, and a video featuring Brian O'Dywer.[8]


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