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There are several skateboarding dogs whose exploits have been featured upon TV, websites and other media. Skateboarding dog stories are commonly used at the end of news bulletins as human interest stories.[1] Bulldogs are especially good at this activity as they have a low centre of gravity and wide body.[2]

Such dogs have been featured on television, such as in the MTV show Rob and Big. One skateboarding dog named Tyson appeared in this show and has since been featured on many websites as the pioneer of skateboarding dogs. Another bulldog, Tillman, has appeared in Greatest American Dog.[3] Tillman holds the Guinness World Record for "Fastest 100 m on a skateboard by a dog."[4] Another dog, Extreme Pete, can do the half pipe and ride a skateboard down stairs.[5] Other skateboarding dogs are Xiao Bai (Whitey) who skates in Taipei Park in Taiwan.,[6] Biuf - The Skater Dog who started a skateboarding bulldog club in Lima, Peru and Otto Bulldog Skater who is the first dog in Peru that skates, sandboards, skimboards, and surfs. Also Otto Bulldog Skater holds a Guinness World Record for "Longest human tunnel traveled through by a dog skateboarder" and is the first dog in Peru that has a Guinness World Record.

Dogs are able to push while standing on a skateboard, or they can run towards the board and leap on. Most skateboarding dogs have difficulty carving because they cannot easily shift their weight on the board. Dogs are agile on the board and are able to turn around or perform other walking moves on the board, similar to what longboarders know as dancing. Many skateboarding dogs appear to enjoy the cooling effect of the wind on their tongues. The dog may chew on the board or wheels, especially if they are using their mouth to carry the board.

Dogs can be trained to ride skateboards by familiarising them with a skateboard in stages and rewarding the dog as it becomes more comfortable and accomplished.[7] Other dogs apparently figure it out independently. A children's book was published on this subject in 2006: Little Yellow Dog Says Look At Me.[8] In this fictional story, the dog skateboards for attention.

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