Skjold (garrison)

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Skjold garrison
Skjold leir
Part of Brigade Nord
Skjold, Troms,  Norway
Skjold garrison is located in Troms og Finnmark
Skjold garrison
Skjold garrison
Coordinates69°01′40″N 19°17′34″E / 69.0278°N 19.2928°E / 69.0278; 19.2928
TypeMilitary base
Site information
Controlled byNorwegian Army
Garrison information
GarrisonNorwegian Army 2nd Battalion

Skjold is an army camp in the small village Øverbygd in the municipality of Målselv in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. This camp is part of the Northern Brigade of the Norwegian Army and is where the 2nd Battalion Mechanized Infantry and Combat and Construction Engineers are based.[1]


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