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Skogås is a district of the Huddinge Municipality in Sweden, 15 kilometres south of Stockholm along the railroad to the city and harbour of Nynäshamn. The population in Skogås reaches 13,000 but lately the suburb has conjoined with its Northern neighbour Trångsund, forming a municipality district with a population of 22,200 people. The largest employer is the commercial centre in Länna.

The name Skogås comes from the two words skog - meaning forest, and ås - meaning ridge; hence The Forest-covered Ridge reflecting Skogås's topography of hills, ridges and valleys.


Skogås started its history as a cottage summer retreat outside the capital but was given town-like structures during the 1960s, when the town-centre containing some 30 shops was finished. During the 1980s a large settlement of rowhouses (the largest in the country) was added in the eastern part of the suburb and since then, several areas of villas and one-family houses have increased the population greatly.

Sights include The Ågesta Nature Reserve, the lakes Drevviken, Magelungen and Orlången, the congregations church Mariakyrkan, Trångsund Manor and the upper secondary school Östra Gymnasiet. The Beatebergsanstalten is in the North-West of Skogås and it's a jail for minor offenders.

The easiest way to get to Skogås is by commuter train (18 minutes from 'Stockholm Central') or by car along highway 73 to Nynäshamn.

Since 1997, there has been an urge in Skogås and Trångsund to leave Huddinge Municipality, and form an own municipality. The major idea for the name of such a new municipality would be Drevviken, named after the adjacent lake. A local political party, Drevvikenpartiet, was formed before the 1998 elections, and a referendum was held in all of the municipality, with a majority for leaving in the Skogås-Trångsund area, and a majority for them staying in the rest of Huddinge.

After the 2006 elections, neither the socialist or non-socialist parties gained a majority in Huddinge municipality, and Drevvikenpartiet joined a coalition with the non socialist parties in exchange for the promise of a new referendum on April 20, 2008. This referendum was to be held in Skogås and Trångsund only, but this time the no-side won quite clearly, 58,8% no and 40,1% yes.

Coordinates: 59°13′4.62″N 18°9′15.95″E / 59.2179500°N 18.1544306°E / 59.2179500; 18.1544306