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Skopsko (Macedonian: Скопско) is the most popular beer in Macedonia. It has 64% of the market in Macedonia. It was the first commercial beer, the best-known and best-selling beer brand in the country.[citation needed] Once a "Best of Macedonia" has become "Our Best" and "Skopsko, and everything is possible" - are its most famous slogans.


The Skopje brewery was founded in 1922 and began operations in 1924. In 1998, it was purchased by the Greek Coca-Cola Bottling Company and Heineken.[1]

Skopsko was introduced with the name "Light Beer" and it presented beer liner with 10% extract. Before World War II, the name of the beer was changed to "An Export Beer from Skopje" ("Скопљанско Експортно Пиво") with increased extract of 12%. By the early 1990s the name "Skopsko" was placed in the center of the label.

  • 1991—Skopsko was rebranded.
  • 1996—Brewery Skopje was added to the label
  • 1999—new label
  • 2004—new label
  • 2005—new packaging
  • December 2014 - production of dark beer started[2][3]


The basic ingredients of this beer are water, a starch source, such as malted barley, able to be saccharified (converted to sugars) then fermented (converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide). The beer has a golden yellow color and a white foam. The characteristic bitter taste comes from hops.

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