Skoropadsky family

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Alex K Ivan Skoropadskyi.svg
Ethnicity Ruthenian/Ukrainian
Current region Ukraine
Members Ivan Skoropadsky
Pavlo Skoropadsky
Connected families Durnovo
Ivan Skoropadsky (Hetman 1708–1722)

House of Skoropadsky (Ukrainian: Скоропадськuū) is the family of the heir to the throne of Ukraine and the title Hetman founded in 1918.

Keeping the identity of Borys' father a secret to him, until Borys' first son was 1 year old, she was afraid she would pass away without confessing. When asked to access the grave of Danylo Skoropadsky, which was Olena Skoropadska-Ott's property until 2014, in order to collect a DNA sample to prove Borys is a child of Danylo, she refused. Upon the request of her own blood sample to compare it with Borys' blood she refused as well, and spread bogus claims of Borys being a con trying to usurp a frozen throne, lying about his lineage, and falsely claiming he is true heir to Danylo's position as Hetman, and Hetmanych of Ukraine.

In October 2006, Borys immigrated from Canada to Ukraine with his wife and two sons, in an attempt to restore peace in Ukraine, as the effects of the Orange Revolution were being felt at the time, and was soon approached with death threats, and robbed of his documents including his passport, whilst living in Kiev. Lesya Tukhai-Bei died of a brain aneurism shortly after the Skoropadsky's immigrated. Borys' two sons lived with their mother and her parents in Ivano-Frankivsk from 2007 to 2011. After a couple of years of working his way into politics, publishing a book which he presented at various universities in Ukraine as a guest speaker, meeting with officials such as Yuliya Tymoshenko, and being interviewed on part of his dilemma by several news stations, Borys was finalizing his painful process of renewing his documents.

With the illegal election of President Yanukovich, and the false imprisonment of Tymoshenko, Borys saw that his influence was not strong enough, and he decided to move back to Canada in 2010, working to pay for plane tickets for his wife and kids and their return to Canada in 2011.

The Skoropadsky's now reside in Toronto and the rights to Danylo's grave have been passed down to Olena Skoropadska-Ott's two daughters, after her death in 2014.

[1] Olena Skoropadska-Ott, however, denies all the allegations stating that there is no relationship between her and that man.[2]

Mykola Markevych
Pulkheria Skoropadska (Markevych)
Mykhailo Skoropadsky
Andrew Miklashevsky
Daria Miklashevska (Olsuyeva)
Yelyzaveta Skoropadska (Tarnovska)
Ivan Skoropadsky
Maria Skoropadska (Miklashevska)
Petro Skoropadsky
Yelyzaveta Myloradovych (Skoropadska)
Lev Myloradovych
Pyotr Durnovo
Maria Durnovo (Kochubey)
Pavlo Skoropadsky
Alexandra Skoropadska (Durnovo)
Oleksandra Tukhai-Bei Skoropadska
Danylo Skoropadsky
Maria Skoropadska
Yelyzaveta Skoropadska
Olena Skoropadska-Ott
Borys Skoropadsky
Iryna Ustenko
Daniel Skoropadsky
Maxim Skoropadsky