Sky Shadow

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Sky Shadow
Sky Shadow cover art (MacSoft CD-ROM release)
Developer(s) Patrick Buckland[1]
Publisher(s) Casady & Greene
Release 1990
Genre(s) Arcade

Sky Shadow is a 1990 Defender clone for the Mac OS, published by Casady & Greene.[2] It was programmed by Patrick Buckland, author of the classic Mac Game Crystal Quest.[1] In 1994 it was licensed from Casady & Greene by MacSoft and re-released for System 7 on CD-ROM.

It was critically acclaimed when originally released, featuring detailed graphics and fast-paced gameplay. It received the top score of five mice from MacUser magazine and was inducted into the MacWorld magazine "Game Hall of Fame".[citation needed]

Sky Shadow is also the companion of Mon-Star in the Silverhawks toy line and fiction.


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