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Skyway Luggage, 74 Wall Street, Seattle (2010)

Skyway Luggage Co. is a luggage manufacturer headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company was founded in 1910 and has been held privately under the same family since its founding. Originally supporting the Pacific Northwest the company has evolved to be an international wholesaler with distribution to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.[1]

Skyway was until 2012, the largest independently owned luggage supplier in America.[2]

Milestones: The company is known for introducing chrome plated hardware in the 1950s as well as vinyl luggage coverings that same decade. In 1972, the company introduced the first commercially successful luggage on wheels in the USA. In 1998 the company completed the transition from US manufacturer to 100% offshore production, driven by its commitment to providing maximum price-value relationship for consumers. In 2010, well over 90% of all luggage sold in the US is made offshore, and close to 90% of that is made in China.

In February 2012, Skyway Luggage Company was acquired by Ricardo Beverly Hills, and now operates out of Kent, Washington. Skyway is proud of its long history and strives to continue on the quest to create fresh, progressive and functional products that are relevant to the evolving needs and lifestyle of the modern traveler.

Major Brands: Skyway, Ascot, Northwest Trails, Eddie Bauer (under license), Union Bay (under license).

Company Headquarters, Kent, WA. Pacific Rim Headquarters, Guangzhou, China.


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