Slavko Brill

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Slavko Brill
Slavko Brill.jpg
Born (1900-12-27)27 December 1900
Nova Gradiška, Austro-Hungarian Empire, (now Croatia)
Died 1943 (aged 43)
Jasenovac concentration camp
Nationality Croat
Occupation Sculptor
Spouse(s) Alice Brill

Slavko Brill (1900 - 1943) was a Croatian Jewish sculptor and ceramics artist born in Nova Gradiška.[1][2] He graduated in 1926 at Art Academy in Zagreb. He was incarcerated by the Ustaše in Jasenovac concentration camp where he was forced to feature along with some other Jewish artists including Daniel Ozmo and Daniel Kabiljo in a propaganda film. He died from tuberculosis in 1943.[1][3]


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