Slime Time

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Slime Time
Genre Game show
Presented by Marty Cohen
Narrated by Dean Goss
Country of origin  United States
Producer(s) Gary Hunt
Barry Jaffe
Running time 30 Minutes
Production company(s) Hunt-Jaffe Productions
OKT, Inc.
Distributor Access Syndication
Original network Syndication
Original release June 11 – September 3, 1988

Slime Time is a syndicated game show, running on Saturdays from June 11 to September 3, 1988. It was created to cash in on the success of Double Dare, and was very similar to that show. The host was comedian Marty Cohen, who hosted each episode dressed as a referee.

Slime Time was commonly paired with the kids game show Treasure Mall in syndication. Both shows premiered on June 11 and were cancelled 13 weeks later.


Two teams competed, each consisting of three students and one teacher representing their school. To begin round 1, a tossup stunt was played involving both teams. The winner of the stunt received $25.

After this, one kid from each team faced off to answer a tossup question. Buzzing in with the right answer won $25 and the right to pick the next stunt, but a wrong answer gave the money and the choice of stunt to the other team. Each stunt was represented by a flashing body part on a giant head on center stage, dubbed "Mr. Slimehead." Kids could pick either eye, ear, or nostril, and a card with the stunt's description would pop out of its mouth. Some stunts had prizes hidden behind them; those prizes would be the team's to keep, win or lose.

Round 1 ended after the kids had selected two stunts. For round 2, the money values doubled and new stunts were placed on Mr. Slimehead. Different, nicer prizes were up for grabs as well. Play continued until a buzzer sounded.

Round 3 involved all the kids, with the teachers underneath a giant faucet. The kids were asked tossup questions, and anyone could buzz in. Getting a question right won $100, but a wrong answer gave the $100 to the other team. The first team to go over $1,000 won the game. The faucet would then turn to the losing team's teacher and dump slime all over them. In the first show that was filmed (though not the first to air), the three boys representing Lawrence Junior High School (of Chatsworth, California) and Chamanade easily disposed of the three private school girls by completing dominating the final round.

Winners received a large prize package. Both teams kept their money, whilst the runners-up also won a smaller prize package.


Stunts used on Slime Time included:

  • Meat-A-Balls: Each team member had a large plate of spaghetti, with one meatball inside. When Cohen gave the signal, each one stuck their face in the spaghetti, trying to pick up the meatball with their teeth. The first team to find all their meatballs wins.
  • Thread The Needle: The kids had to throw slime-filled balloons to their teacher, who would catch them and place them in a bucket. The catch was that each balloon had to go through a large hoop, the inside rimmed with nails. The team with the most balloons in 20 seconds won.
  • Through The Looking Glass: Each kid was given a handheld mirror and a measuring cup full of slime. They had their backs to their teachers, who were sitting on the floor with a large bowl on their head. The kids had to pour the slime into the bowl without turning their heads or bodies, using the mirror to see where the slime was going. The team with more slime in their bowl after 20 seconds won.

Unless otherwise noted, timed stunts were always 20 seconds long.