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Developed by SanDisk Corporation (SNDK)
Initial release 2009
Type of format Audio

slotRadio was a music format delivered on a memory card (flash memory). Preloaded on microSD cards, slotRadio gave consumers access to a large library of music but unlike individual MP3s that are purchased, the playlist is predetermined and the user has only the ability to skip songs forward, much like a radio or music streaming service Pandora, hence the name slot "Radio". Cards could be purchased in different musical genres such as rock, country, oldies and hip hop/R&B. Each card contains several playlists by "mood" or environment such as workout, while featuring songs from Billboard's top charting artists. This particular music format is currently[when?] only compatible with the SanDisk Sansa music players.

SanDisk showed the first slotRadio player and card at CES 2009.

SanDisk stopped providing slotRadio cards on March 31, 2012.[1]

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