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Slum Jagathu (Slum World in English) is a not-for-profit magazine, published and edited by Isaac Arul Selva, who dwells in the slums of Bangalore, India, slums surrounding rich neighborhoods and IT companies. The magazine was launced in 2000.[1] "This is a unique project for slum-dwellers by slum-dwellers", he says. "It is not just a magazine. It is a voice echoing the struggle of slum-dwellers. Our ultimate aim is to inspire a movement to fight for our basic rights and amenities."

Printed in the Kannada language, it provides its readers with information and resources, to take advantage of existing government programs designed to alleviate poverty. The local readership as of 2004 is quoted as 2500 monthly, but Selva hopes for a wider audience with his plans to take his magazine to the internet, an affordable move in that region of the world, even for those in poverty.


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