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This is a discography for the work of Sly Stone (Sylvester Stewart) outside of his most famous band, Sly and the Family Stone.

Solo singles[edit]

Title Release info Year Notes
"A Long Time Alone" / "I'm Just A Fool"1 Luke Record Co. AR-1008 1961
"Help Me With My Broken Heart" / "Long Time Alone"² G&P 901 1962
"I Just Learned How To Swim" / "Scat Swim"³ Autumn Record No. 3 1964
"Buttermilk, Part 1" / "Buttermilk, Part 2"4 Autumn Record No. 14 1965
"Temptation Walk, Part 1" / "Temptation Walk, Part 2"4 Autumn Record No. 26 1965
"Rock Dirge, Part 1" / "Rock Dirge, Part 2"5 Woodcock Records WOO-0001 1971
"I Get High On You" / "That's Lovin' You" Epic 8-50135 1975
"Le Lo Li" / "Who Do You Love?" Epic 8-50175 1975
"Crossword Puzzle" / "Greed" Epic 8-50201 1976
"Dance To The Music" / "Sing A Simple Song" Epic 9-50795 1979
"Eek-Ah-Bo-Static Automatic" / "Black Girls" A&M AM-2890 1986 Side 2. Rae Dawn Chong
"Love And Affection"6 / "Evolution" A&M SP-17438 1986 12" single Promo
Side 2. Models



  • 1 Released under the name "Danny (Sly) Stewart"
  • 2 Released under the name "Sylvester Stewart"
  • 3 Released under the name "Sly Stewart"
  • 4 Released under the name "Sly"
  • 5 Early demos by Sly and Freddie Stone released after Sly & the Family Stone had become successful
  • 6 Duet with Martha Davis

Solo album[edit]

1975: High on You

2011: I'm Back! Family & Friends

As a member of a group[edit]

The Stewart Four[edit]

Members Sylvester Stewart, Freddie Stewart, Rose Stewart, and Vaetta Stewart

  • 1952: "On The Battlefield" / "Walking In Jesus' Name" (Church Of God In Christ, Northern Sunday School Department)

The Viscaynes[edit]

  • 1961: "Stop What You are Doing" / "I Guess I'll Be" (Tropo Records) 1
  • 1961: "Yellow Moon" / "Uncle Sam Needs You (My Friend)" (VPM Records) ²
  • 1961: "Yellow Moon" / "Heavenly Angel" (VPM Records)
  • 1976: "Oh What A Nite" / "You've Forgotten Me" (Subarro Records) ³

1 Tropo 101. Released as by "THE VISCAYNES AND THE RAMBLERS"

² VPM 1006. "Yellow Moon" comp.: Geo. Motola - R. Page. Record was first misprinted as The Biscaynes. This was a mistake because the band has always used the name VISCAYNES.

³ Subarro 489. A leftover George Motola production, "Oh What A Nite" (a remake of the Dells' 1956 hit), b/w "You've Forgotten Me" was credited "Sly Stone & the Biscaynes" when issued in 1976.

4 Sylvester Stewart / Sly Stone has nothing to do with the Stewart Brother singles released in the late 50s on the LA based Keen and Ensign labels. This was a different Sylvester Stewart.

Stone Flower Productions[edit]

Sly Stone wrote, produced, and performed instrumentation for each single released on his Stone Flower label:

Little Sister[edit]

For details on this group, see Little Sister (band)

  • 1970: "You're The One [Part 1]" / "You're The One [Part 2]" (US #22, R&B #4)
  • 1970: "Somebody's Watching You" / "Stanga" (US #32, R&B #8)

Joe Hicks[edit]

  • 1969: "I'm Goin' Home" / "Home Sweet Home" (backed by Sly & the Family Stone on both sides)
  • 1970: "Life And Death in G & A" [Part 1] / "Life And Death in G & A" [Part 1]


  • 1970: "I'm Just Like You" / "Dynamite"

Other collaborations[edit]

Year Title Main artist Sly Stone's role
1966 The Wildest Organ In Town Billy Preston arranger, writing
1973 Mighty Joe Hicks Joe Hicks writing, "Train of Thought" and "Water Water"
1974 Lost in a Dream REO Speedwagon guitar and piano on "You Can Fly"
1974 Let It Flow Elvin Bishop organ
1974 Insane Asylum Kathi McDonald vocals, "Insane Asylum"
1975 Oh, What a Mighty Time New Riders of the Purple Sage organ and piano on "Mighty Time"
1976 Wings of Love The Temptations writing, arrangements, and instrumentation1
1976 Don't Know What The World Is Coming To Bobby Womack background vocals, "Don't Know What The World Is Coming To"
1978 Bonnie Pointer (1978) Bonnie Pointer writing, instrumentation1
1979 Bonnie Pointer (1979) Bonnie Pointer writing, instrumentation
1981 The Electric Spanking of War Babies Funkadelic writing and instrumentation, "Funk Gets Stronger, Part 1" and "Funk Gets Stronger, Part 2"
1982 Godmoma Here Godmoma writing and instrumentation, "Be All You Can Be"
1983 Urban Dancefloor Guerillas P-Funk All-Stars writing, instrumentation
1983 "Chasing The Rock" Gene Page Headlines featuring Sly Stone & Danny Pearson guest leads
1986 Shockadelica Jesse Johnson guest leads on "Crazay"
1987 Burglar soundtrack vocal, "I'm the Burglar"
1987 The Last Soul Man Bobby Womack guest leads, "When the Weekend Comes"
1989 Animal The Bar-Kays writer and producer, "Just Like A Teeter-Totter"
1990 For All the King's Men Maceo Parker guest leads, "Tell The World"
1990 Heritage Earth, Wind & Fire guest leads, "Good Time"
1991 March of the 13CATS 13CATS guitar, "Thank You"
1992 Go For Yer Funk (Clinton Family Series Volume I) P-Funk All-Stars contains 1981 demo version of "Who in the Funk Do You Think You Are", from Ain't But the One Way
1994 Testing Positive For The Funk (Clinton Family Series Volume IV) P-Funk All-Stars bass on "Superstar Madness", recorded in 1980
2008 George Clinton and His Gangsters of Love George Clinton vocals, "Ain't That Peculiar" and "Fever"
2014 First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate Funkadelic vocals, instruments, Man in the Box
  1. Because of tax problems, Sly Stone could not take credit on some of these works. In these cases, one of his associates, Truman Thomas, was credited with the work in Stone's place (although Stone or both Stone and Thomas worked on each listed item).

Compilations and other releases[edit]

  • 1994: Precious Stone - Sly Stone In The Studio 1963 -1965
  • 2010: Listen To The Voices - Sly Stone In The Studio 1965 - 1970
  • 2014: I'm Just Like You: Sly's Stone Flower 1969-70Light in the Attic