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SmartComputing was a monthly computing and technology magazine published by Sandhills Publishing Company in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. First released under the name PC Novice, it issued from 1990 to 2013.[1].


The magazine featured articles, reviews of hardware and software, editorial content and classified advertising. It is geared more towards newer users than its sister publication, Computer Power User.

Articles and Features[edit]

  • Technology News and Notes, by Christian Perry - News and a monthly Q/A help desk
  • Tech Diaries, various authors - Reviews
  • Software Head-to-Head, various authors - a comparison of software
  • Software Reviews, various
  • Staff Picks, various - staff's choices of hardware
  • Windows Tips & Tricks, various - helpful hints for using Microsoft Windows
  • General Computing, various - articles about no specific topic
  • Reader's Tips, by readers - readers give hints to other readers
  • Learning Linux, by Vince Cogley, NEW COLUMN - teach yourself using Linux with the Ubuntu distribution
  • Plugged In, various - tips on using the Internet
  • Mr. Modem's Desktop, by Mr. Modem - various tips and Internet links
  • Quick Studies, various - tips on and fixing problems with using very commonly used software
  • Tidbits, by Marty Sems - information on new stuff
  • Tech Support, various - consists of:
  • What to Do When... - a guide on fixing road-block problems
  • Examining Errors - the magazine helps readers with errors
  • Fast Fixes - information on new software updates
  • Q&A - answers to tech support questions
  • FAQ - answers to frequently asked questions; each month all questions are about the same topic

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