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Sandhills Publishing Company
Industry Publishing
Founded Nebraska, U.S. (1978)
Founder Tom and Rhonda Peed
Headquarters Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.
Area served
Products Magazines
Website Sandhills Publishing Company

Sandhills Publishing Company is a privately held American magazine publishing company. It publishes trade and consumer publications for the computer, trucking, agriculture, aircraft, and heavy machinery industries. Its monthly technology-themed publications are Computer Power User ("CPU"), SmartComputing (formerly known as PC Novice), CyberTrend (formerly known as PC Today), and First Glimpse (formerly known as CE Lifestyles). Its trade publications are Processor, Controller, Executive Controller, CharterHub, TractorHouse, Machinery Trader and Truck Paper. Sandhills also produces an occasional SmartComputing reference series publication. Discontinued publications include PC Modder, the former CPU reference series.

The company was first established by Tom and Rhonda Peed as "Peed Corp." in 1978 in Webster City, Iowa. In 1985, the headquarters were relocated to a 68-acre (280,000 m2) campus in the Highlands neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska, where they remain. There are currently four buildings on the campus. In June 2000, Sandhills added a data redundancy center in Scottsdale, Arizona. According to the company's web site, Sandhills has more than 700 employees.

Sandhills East[1] and Sandhills Pacific[2] are affiliated companies. Marketbook is the international publication and website produced by these companies.

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