Snake City

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Snake City
GenreWildlife documentary/Travel documentary/Family
StarringSimon Keys
Siouxsie Gillett
Country of originSouth Africa
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes31
Running time44 minutes
Original networkNat Geo (regular series)
Original releaseNovember 7, 2014 (2014-11-07)

Snake City (also known as Snakes in the City) is a wildlife documentary television series that stars snake-catchers Simon Keys and his partner, Siouxsie Gillett.[1] The show takes place in Durban, South Africa and has become valued for the series entertainment and educational perspective on catching and releasing life threatening snakes such as cobras, pythons and black mambas.[2][3][4][5][6] The series features music by the Stereo MCs.[7]


Gillett has a Herpetology degree and zoo background while Keys has worked with snakes all of his life.[8]

In the past, Keys and Gillette also worked at a snake sanctuary in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. Gillette has an allergy to the venom of the Mozambique spitting cobra that can elevate the potency of a bite.

Record temperatures and storms in South Africa have brought about an abundance of snakes in urban areas.[9] In Summer months, they receive close to one hundred calls a week.


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