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Snapper(s) may refer to:


  • Lutjanidae, a family of fish known as snappers
    • Lutjanus campechanus, a fish found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coast of the United States
    • Bigeye snapper (Lutjanus lutjanus), a fish that primarily lives in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, sometimes known as simply "Snapper"
    • Cubera snapper (Lutjanus cyanopterus), native to the western Atlantic Ocean
  • Fishes from other families including:
    • Australasian snapper, Pagrus auratus, also known as silver seabream
    • Eastern nannygai, also known as red snapper, Centroberyx affinis
    • Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix), of which the smallest are often known as "snappers"
    • Sebastes, some species of which are known as "Pacific snapper" or "red snapper"
  • Chelydridae, a family of freshwater turtles of which both extant species are known as snapping turtles, informally shortened to "snapper"
  • Sistrurus catenatus, also known as black snapper, a snake

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Other uses

  • Snapper Inc., a residential lawn care and snow removal equipment company
  • Snapper card, a New Zealand contactless smartcard and USB device

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