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A snipe is a wading bird.

Snipe may also refer to:

  • Snipe (naval slang), a member of the engineering staff on a U.S. Navy vessel, most famously referenced in the anonymous poem "The Snipe's Lament."
  • Snipe (theatrical), a short announcement trailer on behalf of the theater
  • Snipe (wood machining), an unwanted deeper cut at the end of a board
  • Snipe (dinghy), class of racing sailboat
  • Sopwith Snipe, a World War I biplane fighter
  • Humber Super Snipe, an automobile
  • Auction sniping, a strategy of placing a winning bid at the last possible moment
  • Snipe incident, a 1958 military incident between Chile and Argentina in the Snipe Islet
  • Guttersnipe or snipe, a person of low character
  • The Snipe, one of the Titans in Crash of the Titans, an action-adventure game published by Sierra Entertainment
  • Snipes (video game), a text-mode networked computer game that was created in 1983 by SuperSet software
  • Snipe, the unsmoked end of a cigarette or cigar, often collected by homeless for future smoking
  • Snipe, the act of shooting someone a large distance away.
  • "Snipe" (Kotoko song), a 2009 J-pop song
  • Globe KDG Snipe, an American target drone
  • Snipe, the narrow end of a telephone or power pole


  • Snipe (rapper), American rapper from New Orleans
  • Snipe Conley (1894–1978), Baseball pitcher
  • Snipe Hansen (1907–1978), Baseball pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Browns


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