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A sniper is a military or police member who has received specialized training in engaging targets at long ranges using rifles equipped with telescopic sights.

Sniper or the sniper may also refer to:


  • Luc Poirier (ring name "Sniper", born 1961), Canadian professional wrestler
  • MC Sniper (born 1979), South Korean male rapper
  • Adam "Armada" Lindgren (born 1985), known as the Swedish Sniper, a Super Smash Bros. Melee player

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]


Fictional entities[edit]


Developers and studios[edit]


  • Sniper (1997), original title of SubSpace (video game)
  • Sniper! (board game), a 1973 board game designed by James Dunnigan for TSR
    • Sniper! (video game), a computer game adaptation of the board game
    • Sniper! Second Edition: Game of Man-to-Man Combat, 1941-90 (1986), a board game developed by Steve Winter for TSR using the Simulations Publications, Inc. (SPI) brand name, which was really a reorganization of both TSR's Sniper! and the SPI's board game Patrol that differed greatly from the original version
    • Hetzer ("Sniper! Companion Game #1: Game of Man-to-Man Combat in Europe, 1940-45") (1987), a standalone board game designed by Steve Winter, focusing on World War II combat
    • Special Forces ("Sniper! Companion Game #2") (1988), a standalone game designed by Rick Swan for TSR and sold in a magazine-type format with a hard cover, focusing on post-1945 combat
    • Bug Hunter ("Sniper! Companion Game #3") (1988), a futuristic, science fiction-themed, standalone version of Sniper, designed by Steve Winter for TSR and sold in a magazine-type format with a hard cover, focusing on combat between embattled, space-faring humans threatened by hostile alien monsters
  • Sniper Elite (2005) also known as Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945, a tactical shooter developed by Rebellion Development
  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior (2010), a first-person shooter developed by City Interactive
  • Sniper Team 2 is a free online game at the website Addicting Games
  •, a series of online games featuring the titles:
    • 3d Sniper
    • Hot Shot Sniper
    • Mort The Sniper
    • Sniper Mario
    • Sniper Assassin
  • Sniper Assassin 3
    • Sniper Freedom
    • Sniper on High
    • Sniper Operation
    • Sniper3
    • Sniperscope
    • The Sniper



Groups and labels[edit]

  • Sniper, an American glam punk band
  • Sniper, a French musical act made up of Tunisiano, Aketo and Blacko
  • Sniper Records, a Bulgarian hip hop label




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