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A snowball is a ball of snow, usually made by compacting snow with the hands. Snowball may also refer to:

In animals[edit]

In business and finance[edit]

  • Snowball (finance), an "exotic" interest rate derivative
  • The debt-snowball method, popularized in part by Dave Ramsey as a means of improving one's financial position by reducing amounts owed to creditors

In drugs[edit]

  • Snowball, another name for a cocaine-heroin speedball
  • Snowball, a cocaine party

In food and drink[edit]

In media, arts, and entertainment[edit]

In dances[edit]

In film[edit]

In games[edit]

  • Snowball (1983), a text adventure in the Silicon Dreams trilogy by Level 9 Computing

In literature and publications[edit]

In music[edit]

In plants[edit]

In television[edit]

In people[edit]

In places[edit]

In technology[edit]

In other uses[edit]

  • Operation Snowball, an international alcohol, tobacco and other drug use prevention program for youth
  • Operation Snowball, the code name for a test using a large amount of conventional explosives to test nuclear technology, staged in Alberta, Canada in 1964
  • Snowball Derby, an auto race held every December in Pensacola, Florida
  • Snowball Earth, an epoch or epochs in which the entire planet was glaciated, or nearly so
  • Snowball effect, a situation, event or the like is said to snowball if it continually grows in intensity or magnitude under the force of its own inertia
  • Snowball sampling, a social research sampling method

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