Sodium lignosulfonate

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Sodium lignosulfonate
ECHA InfoCard 100.111.815
Appearance Brown powder[1]
Density ~ 0.5 g/cm3[1]
Melting point Decomposes
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
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Sodium lignosulfonate (lignosulfonic acid, sodium salt) is used in the food industry as a de-foaming agent for paper production and in adhesives for items that come in contact with food. It has antimicrobial and preservative properties, and is used as an ingredient in animal feeds. It is also used for construction, ceramics, mineral powder, chemical industry, textile industry (leather), metallurgical industry, petroleum industry, fire-retardant materials, rubber vulcanization, organic polymerization.[1]

It is a pepsin inhibitor. Vovac, J.A. et al., Arch. Int. Pharmacodyn. Ther., 1969, 177, 150 (pharmacol) Alphin, R.S. et al., Experientia, 1972,28, 53 (pharmacol)


Sodium lignosulfonate is also known by the following names.

ARBO AO2 ARBO SO1 ARBO TDS AHR 2438B Betz 402 Borrsperse N Borresperse NA D 419-6 Diwatex 30FKP Flowpro 1512 HR 5 HR 5 (cement additive)
Kelig 100 Kelig 400 Lignopol Lignosite 431 Lignosite 458 Lignosite 854 Lignosol Lignosol AXD Lignosol D 10
Lignosol DXD Lignosol FTA Lignosol NSX 110 Lignosol SFX 65 Lignosol X Lignosol X 50 Lignosol XD Lsu Lsu (lignosulfate)
Maracell C Maracell E Maracell XC 2 Maracell XE Marasperse B Marasperse CBA 1 Marasperse CBO Marasperse CBOS 4 Marasperse CBS
Marasperse CBX 2 Marasperse N Marasperse N 22 Neocobaltin PNA 11 Newkalgen RX-B Norlig 12 Orzan CD Orzan LS Orzan S
Orzan SL 50 Pearllex CP Pearllex N Peritan NA Polyfon Polyfon F Polyfon H Polyfon HUN Polyfon O
Polyfon T Pozzolith 100XR Pozzolith 70 Raycote Raylig 260LR Raymix Reax 05A Reax 45A Reax 80C
Reax 81A Reax 82 Reax 825E Reax 83A Reax 83C Reax 85A Reax 85C Reax 88B Reax 905
Reax 95A Reax 98B Reax SR 1 Reveal NM Reveal SM Reveal SM 5 Reveal WM San-X P 213 San-X P 252
San-X P 550 San-X P 552 Sanekis P 550 Sanflo GR Sodalig UfoxaneE 2 Ufoxane 3 Ufoxane 3A Ultramix
Sodium ligninsulfonate Temsperse P 2000 Temsperse S 001 UF 10000A Vanillex HW Vanillex N Vanisperse A Wanin S Wanin SR
Sodium lignosulfite Ultrazine NA Ultrazine NAS Urzan S Vanicell Sodium lignosulfonic acid STARLIG CWA STARLIG AM95G
Sodium lignosulfonate Zewa EF 220 Zewa S 210 Zewa SL Sodium lignosulfonic acids Sulfonated lignin sodium salt STARLIG NA98S STARLIG NA2G


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