Sog (river)

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The hydroelectric power station on Sog River.

Sog is a river in Iceland. It runs from Lake Þingvallavatn for 21.9 km to its confluence with the river Hvítá, forming the river Ölfusá which then runs for another 25 km into the Atlantic Ocean. Its average discharge is 110 m³/s.

There are three hydroelectric power stations on the river: Ljósafossstöð (15 MW), Írafossstöð(48 MW) and Steingrímsstöð(27 MW).

The river runs through two lakes, Lake Úlfljótsvatn and Lake Álftavatn.

It has a healthy stock of arctic char and Atlantic salmon. The size of the char can be anywhere from 0.5 pounds up the 5.0 pounds with an average size of one pound. The most common weight for salmon is 5.0 to 10.0 pounds with a few fish caught each year from 20.0 to 30.0 pounds. There are also brown trout in the River.

Coordinates: 64°5′19.45″N 21°0′29.95″W / 64.0887361°N 21.0083194°W / 64.0887361; -21.0083194