Sojourner (album)

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Box set by Magnolia Electric Co.
Released 2007
Recorded 2005-2007
Genre Alt-country
Length 119:15
Label Secretly Canadian
Producer Steve Albini
David Lowery
Jason Molina
Magnolia Electric Co. chronology
Fading Trails
Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Source Rating
Metacritic 82/100 link
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link
Pitchfork Media 7.7/10 [1]

Sojourner is Magnolia Electric Co.'s 2007 box-set release, comprising: three full-length albums, one four-song EP, one documentary movie on DVD, The Road Becomes What You Leave; a celestial map and a medallion; all within a wooden box. The band's 2006 album, Fading Trails, was compiled from the four recording sessions included in their entirety on Sojourner.

Track listings[edit]

Nashville Moon[edit]

  1. "Lonesome Valley"
  2. "Montgomery"
  3. "Don't Fade on Me"
  4. "Hammer Down"
  5. "No Moon on the Water"
  6. "Nashville Moon"
  7. "What Comes After the Blues"
  8. "Don't This Look Like the Dark"
  9. "North Star"
  10. "Bowery"
  11. "Texas 71"
  12. "Down the Wrong Road Both Ways"

Black Ram[edit]

  1. "In the Human World"
  2. "The Black Ram"
  3. "What's Broken Becomes Better"
  4. "Will-O-the-Wisp"
  5. "Kanawha"
  6. "A Little at a Time"
  7. "Blackbird"
  8. "And the Moon Hits the Water"
  9. "The Old Horizon"

Sun Session[edit]

  1. "Talk to Me Devil, Again"
  2. "Memphis Moon"
  3. "Hold on Magnolia"
  4. "Trouble in Mind"


  1. "Steady Now"
  2. "Spanish Moon Fall and Rise"
  3. "Night Country"
  4. "Shiloh Temple Bell"
  5. "The Spell"
  6. "Take One Thing Along"
  7. "The Lamb's Song"
  8. "Roll the Wheel"
  1. One Thin Dime (iTunes bonus track)
  2. Lonesome Valley (Alternate) (iTunes bonus track)

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