Solange II

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Solange II
CourtFederal Constitutional Court
Citation(s)(22 October 1986) BVerfGE 73, 339, [1987] 3 CMLR 225
Direct effect

Re Wünsche Handelsgesellschaft (22 October 1986) BVerfGE 73, 339, is a German constitutional law and EU law case, popularly known as Solange II, concerning the conflict of law between the German national legal system and European Union law.


An EC import licensing system was challenged in the German Court. The ECJ held that the system was valid in Wünsche Handelsgesellschaft v Germany.[1]


The Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) held that it would not give close scrutiny now. It considered, since the 1974 decision, the ECJ’s development of protection for fundamental rights, the adoption of declarations on rights and democracy by the Community institutions, and that all EC Member States had acceded to the European Convention on Human Rights.

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