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Solidum Systems was a fabless semiconductor company founded by Feliks Welfeld and Misha Nossik in Ottawa, Ontario Canada in 1997. It developed a series of rule-based network classification semiconductor devices. Some of their devices could be in systems which supported 10 Gbit/s interfaces.

Solidum was acquired in October 2002 by Integrated Device Technology. IDT Closed the Ottawa offices supporting the product in March 2009.[1]

Misha Nossik was also the second chairman of the Network Processing Forum. The NPF also released the Look-Aside Interface which is an important specification for Network Search Elements such as Solidum's devices.


Solidum produced a set of Traffic Classification devices called the PAX.port 1100,[2] PAX.port 1200, and PAX.port 2500[3]

The classifier chips were used in Network Switches[4] and Load Balancers.

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