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Somdutta Singh is an Indian entrepreneur, and co-chair[1] of NASSCOM Product Council. She is the first Indian member on Philip Kotler's Kotler Impact Board of Advisors[2] Born in Calcutta, India (1986), Singh's work with government is notable. As a Core Committee Member[3] at Women Entrepreneurship Platform, a project by Niti Ayog she has helped launch the Women Entrepreneurship Platform in India. Somdutta's work focusses on investments, marketing and consulting. She is a TedX speaker[4] and a teacher at Ramakrishna Mission.

Singh in 2019


Singh completed her graduation from Mount Carmel College and earned a PhD[5] from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


  1. Ceipal Advisory board[6]
  2. Chief Strategic Adviser at BloombergQuint [7]
  3. Mentor of Change at Atal Tinkering Labs[8]
  4. Advisor to Karnataka ITBT Ministry Biztech
  5. Indian Delegate at Swissnex[9]
  6. Google Mentor [10]

Authored Books[edit]

  • 2019. Decoding Digital - Unlocking Digital Barriers.[11]

Co-Authored Books[edit]

  • 2018. Making of New India.[12]


  • 2019. Dynamic Statesman, Reformer and Visionary: The Rise and Rise of Chandrababu Naidu. [13]
  • 2019. "Who's going to bell the cat and tackle India's sprinting unemployment tempo".[14]
  • 2018. "Time Modi modified: don’t take democracy for granted".[15]


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