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Somen Debnath (born 8 May 1983) is an Indian activist for HIV / AIDS awareness. He is currently travelling around the world on bicycle with the purpose to promote a program entitled “Around the World on Bicycle Tour for HIV / AIDS Awareness and Seminars on Indian Culture 2004 - 2020”.


Somen Debnath, son of Shova Debnath and of Ram Mohan Debnath, is a resident of the village Basanti, South 24 Parganas in Sundarbans, West Bengal, India. He studied Zoology, Geology & Anthropology at the University of Calcutta and has a degree in Fine Arts from the Sarba Bhartiya University.[1]

At the age of 16 he enrolled for specialty training at West Bengal State AIDS Control Society. Consequently, he became an activist for HIV / AIDS awareness and he started doing voluntary and charity work, first in his village and then in all Indian provinces[2]

Around the world on a bicycle (2004 - 2020)[edit]

On May 27th 2004, Debnath started a global tour with the goal to visit every country by 2020, spreading a message of HIV / AIDS awareness and social inclusion. He gives lectures in schools, universities, NGOs, and other institutions.[1][3] The focus of Debnath's program is on "underprivileged people, urban, rural and tribal population worldwide who have the lowest level of awareness about this deadly disease."[1][4]

During his travels in Afghanistan in 2009 he was help captive for 24 days by the Taliban.[5][6][7]

As of June 2015 Debnath had travelled to 102 countries.[8][9] [10] By march 2018 somen debnath has covered 146 countries covering south America and currently crossing San Salvador(Capital of El Salvador) in Central America.


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