Sonchon Station

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Sonchon railway station in North Korea.jpg
A view of the platform at Sŏnch'ŏn station.
Korean name
Hangul 선천역
Revised Romanization Seoncheon-yeok
McCune–Reischauer Sŏnch'ŏn-yŏk
General information
Location Sŏnch'ŏn-ŭp,
North P'yŏngan
North Korea
Owned by Korean State Railway
Opened 5 November 1905
Electrified yes
Original company Chosen Government Railway
Preceding station   Korean State Railway   Following station
P'yŏngŭi Line
toward P'yŏngyang

Sŏnch'ŏn Station is a railway station in Sŏnch'ŏn-ŭp, Sŏnch'ŏn County, North P'yŏngan Province, North Korea. It is on located on the P'yŏngŭi Line of the Korean State Railway.[1]


The station was opened, along with the rest of this section of the Kyŏngŭi Line, on 5 November 1905 by the Chosen Government Railway.

After the bridge across the Yalu River was opened on 1 November 1911, connecting Sinŭiju to Dandong, China, Sŏnch'ŏn station became a stop for international trains to and from Manchuria. It is still a stopping point for international trains between P'yŏngyang and Beijing.

On 27 December 1910, Korean independence activist An Myŏng-gŭn, cousin of An Chung-gŭn (who had assassinated Ito Hirobumi the previous year), attempted to assassinate the Japanese Governor-General of Korea, Terauchi Masatake, at Sŏnch'ŏn station; this was one of the precursors to the 105-Man Incident.


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Coordinates: 39°47′56″N 124°55′8″E / 39.79889°N 124.91889°E / 39.79889; 124.91889