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A song is a musical composition for voice or voices.

Song or songs or The Song may also refer to:

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Chinese history[edit]

  • Song (state) (宋) (11th century – 286 BC), a state during the Spring and Autumn period
  • Liu Song dynasty (宋) (420–479), one of the Southern Dynasties
  • Song (宋) (623–624), a short-lived state established by the warlord Fu Gongshi during the Sui–Tang transition
  • Song dynasty (宋) (960–1279), split into Northern Song and Southern Song


  • Song (airline), a former low-fare airline in the United States
  • BYD Song, car named after the Song dynasty
  • Type 039 submarine NATO code name Song class, a diesel-electric submarine used by the People's Liberation Army Navy

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