Minolta AF Fish-Eye 16mm f/2.8

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Minolta AF Fish-Eye 16mm f/2.8
Maker Minolta, Sony
Technical data
Focal length 16mm
Aperture (max/min) f/2.8-f/22
Close focus distance 0.20m
Max. magnification 1/1.6
Construction 11 elements in 8 groups
Ultrasonic motor No No
Macro capable No No
Unique features Fisheye
Weight 400g
Filter diameter Integrated
Lens hood Integrated Flower
Angle of view
Horizontal 180°
Introduction 1986
Successor Minolta version succeeded by Sony version in 2006
Retail info
MSRP 1000 USD (as of 2006)

Originally produced by Minolta, and currently produced by Sony, the AF Fish-Eye 16mm, is a prime Fisheye lens compatible with cameras using the Minolta A-mount and Sony A-mount lens mounts. It is a full-frame fisheye lens with a 180° viewing angle.

The front of the lens does not have a mount for filters. Rather a number of filters are built in: Normal, 056, B12, and either FLW (in older versions) or A12 (in newer versions). The filters are selected by a rotating dial on the body of the lens.

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