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The Vaio C1 PictureBook series is a series of subnotebooks from Sony's Vaio brand, branded 'Picturebook' for its webcam and video capture capabilities. It was first released on September 19, 1998, in Japan only.[1]

The first model, the PCG-C1, featured a Mobile Pentium MMX 233MHz CPU, integrated modem, 3.2GB hard disk, 64MB of RAM, an ultra-wide 8.9" 1024x480 TFT display, and a 0.27MP webcam. Windows 98 was installed. Subsequent revisions improved the resolution, CPU, RAM and hard drive. PictureBooks were lightweight computers, weighing 1kg.

The successor model, the PCG-C1X, came with an upgraded 266MHz CPU and 8.1GB hard drive. This model was the first one available in the U.S.

Also the PCG-C1F, the PCG-C1R and the PCG-C1S had the same hardware, but they are localized for the U.K. and the later 2 for Japan.

Further models were:

  • PCG-C1XN - 12GB hard drive, 64MB RAM, 233MHz Intel Celeron, Windows 98 (January 2000).
  • PCG-C1XS - 12GB hard drive, 64MB RAM, 400MHz Pentium 2, Windows 98 (January 2000).
  • PCG-C1XD - Same as the C1XS, but with German localization.
  • PCG-C1VN - first machine with Transmeta Crusoe CPU - TM5600 600MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 12GB hard drive, ATI Rage Mobility 8MB, Windows ME (September 2000)
  • PCG-C1VP - same as C1VN, except Crusoe TM5600 667MHz CPU, 15GB hard drive, Windows 2000 Professional option (March 2001)
  • PCG-C1VSX - same as C1VP, except choice of 15 or 30GB hard drive, no external monitor support and Bluetooth 1.0 and Windows 2000 Pro only
  • PCG-C1VS/BW - same as C1VSX, except Crusoe 600MHz, 15GB hard drive, included PC Card CD-RW drive, support for external monitors, no Bluetooth and Windows ME only with Office XP preinstalled
  • PCG-C1MV - Crusoe TM5800 733MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 20GB hard drive, ATI Mobility Radeon M 8MB, updated 1280x600 resolution, Windows XP Home or Professional (September 2001) -
  • PCG-C1MW - same as C1MV, but with Crusoe 867MHz and 30GB hard drive (August 2002)
  • PCG-C1MRX - Same as C1MV, but with 30GB hard drive, built-in Bluetooth 1.1, bundled 802.11b Wi-Fi PC card and XP Home only
  • PCG-C1MR/BP - Same as C1MRX, but with Crusoe TM5600 667MHz CPU, 128MB memory, 20GB hard drive and forgoes the built-in Bluetooth and bundled Wi-Fi card.
  • PCG-C1MSX - Same as C1MW, but with Japanese localization.
  • PCG-C1MHP - Same as C1MW, but with European localization.
  • PCG-C1MZX - Same as C1MSX, but with Crusoe 933MHz. This was the last and most powerful model of the C1 series, and it was available only in Japan.