Socotra Governorate

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Socotra Archipelago.PNG
Country  Yemen
Seat Hadibu
Population (2004)
 • Total 44,120
Topographic map of the districts of Socotra (en).svg

Socotra Archipelago (Arabic: أرخبيل سقطرى‎‎ ʾArḫabīl Suquṭrā) or Suqutra is one of the governorates of Yemen. It is composed of the archipelago of Socotra.


Since before British rule, the Socotra had been part of Mahra Sultanate, and remained so after Mahra became part of Aden Protectorate. With independence of South Yemen in 1967, the archipelago was attached to Aden Governorate, despite its distance. In 2004, it was moved to Hadramaut Governorate.[1] Since December 2013, it has been a governorate of its own.[2]



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Coordinates: 12°27′04″N 53°36′43″E / 12.4510°N 53.6120°E / 12.4510; 53.6120