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The Sorne Hill Wind Farm is a wind farm located in Buncrana, Inishowen Donegal, Ireland and erected in 2006. The farm is operated by Bord Gáis Energy.


Phase 1 of the farm has 16 gearless wind turbines, type Enercon E-70 2 [MW] with a 64-metre hub height and 71 metre rotor diameter giving a total capacity of 32 megawatts. Phase 2 of the farm which is an additional 6.9 MW from three Enercon E-70 2.3 MW turbines were installed in the autumn of 2007. This makes Sorne Hill Wind Farm, at 38 MW the third largest wind farm in Ireland as of August 2008.

Flow battery storage[edit]

Diagram of a Flow battery

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In 2007, there was a feasibility study published which examined the economics of installing a flow battery at Sorne Hill Wind Farm. While the economic case for the system was very compelling, the technology was not ready for deployment at that point in time. A new company, REDT (, has retained the rights to the ESS site at Sorne Hill, and plans to install a utility scale system at some point in the future, subject to funding.

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