Soulton Long Barrow

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The Soulton Long Barrow under construction in 2018
The barrow under construction in 2018

The Soulton Long Barrow is a memorial site near Wem in Shropshire, England.

It is the first such structure to have been built in the Midlands in thousands of years.

The monument is inspired by Neolithic barrows built around 5,500 years ago, and following the constructions of the Long Barrow at All Cannings, Wiltshire and the Sacred Stones Barrow at St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

The barrow contains niches for the placement of cremation urns. It is also intended for wider celebration of life and community activity.[1]

The structure is to be a sequence of stone chambers under an earthen mound, and was begun in 2017, with a principal stone being laid in the spring of 2018.[2]

Soulton Standing Stones[edit]

Soulton Standing Stone One
Standing Stone One
Soulton Standing Stone Two
Standing Stone Two
Soulton Standing Stone Three
Standing Stone Three
The Soulton Standing Stones, erected in 2017

Three megalithic limestone standing stones are located on the access route to the barrow.

These were added to the approach route to the barrow in autumn 2017.[3]

The stone for these monoliths, as with the barrow itself came from Churchfield Quarry, Oundle, near Peterborough.

There is no deliberate alignment beyond way-marking for these standing stones.


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