Sound Track from Film "Mabuta no Ura"

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Sound Track from Film "Mabuta no Ura"
Boris soundtrack.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 29, 2005 (Catune & Inoxia versions)
December 12, 2005 (Essence version)
RecordedWinter 2003 to Summer 2004
Length40:08 (Catune & Inoxia versions)
53:10 (Essence version)
LabelInoxia, Catune, Essence
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Sound Track from Film "Mabuta no Ura"
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Alternative cover
Catune CD version cover
Catune CD version cover
Singles from Sound Track from Film "Mabuta no Ura"
  1. "A Bao A Qu"
    Released: 2005

Sound Track from Film "Mabuta no Ura" is the ninth studio album by Japanese experimental band Boris, released on June 29, 2005 through Catune and Inoxia and on November 12 of the same year through Essence Music. The album includes the song "A Bao A Qu" which shares the same name as the version included on the album The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked. However, both versions are quite different from one another. The band used this version of the song "A Bao A Qu" and created a 7" single with an extended version of the track. A music video was also released for this song but it is based on the 7" single. There is yet another version of the song which was included on the 2010 compilation, Boris / Variations + Live in Japan, and a live recording is included in Archive II. The 2016 re-release of Pink includes a bonus disc with the track "Your Name Part 2," apparently a sequel to the track of that name from this album.

Album title[edit]

Though the title describes the album as a soundtrack for the film Mabuta no Ura (lit. "Under the Eyelids"), no such film exists. The album is rather the result of the band imagining a film in their heads and writing a soundtrack for it. Because of this, the band has classified this as a concept album.[1] The album's concept is also driven by photography and art-styling which is included on a version of the album.

Album information[edit]

Two versions of this album exist. The first one is the version of the album was released on CD by the label Catune. This version was housed on brown packaging which included story cards with photos and the stories and lyrics in Japanese. Inoxia released this version of the album on an LP limited to 600 copies with a different cover and photo book. The second version was released by the Brazilian label Essence Music, limited to 2000 copies, this version has a different arrangement and song list to the other versions mentioned above. This version shows the same cover as the LP version and includes numerous photos, story card materials, and lyrics in English. They also made a special box-set edition limited to 199 hand-numbered copies that contained art prints, flyers, and a bunch of dead flowers.

Track listing[edit]

Catune/Inoxia Version
2."The Middle of the Stairs"1:59
3."A Bao A Qu"4:58
4."The Slow Ripple of a Puddle"3:29
5."Your Name"3:25
6."White Warmth"2:26
7."Melting Guitar"1:32
8."Yesterday Morning"3:16
9."Amber Bazaar"3:09
10."Smoke Sequence"2:37
11."Space Behind Me Part 2"1:59
12."The Picture of the Wind"2:43
13."It Touches"6:03
Total length:40:08
Essence Version
1."Yesterday Morning"6:35
2."A Bao A Qu"4:59
3."The Slow Ripple of a Puddle"3:30
4."Your Name"3:25
5."White Warmth"2:27
6."Melting Guitar"1:35
8."The Meddle of Stairs"1:58
9."Amber Bazaar"3:08
10."The Picture of a Wind"2:43
11."It Touches"6:04
12."Space Behind Me"12:39
Total length:53:10


  • Atsuo - Drums and Percussion
  • Takeshi - Guitar, Bass and Vocals
  • Wata - Guitar and Effects
  • Fangsanalsatan - Photography
  • Artwork by Regina
  • Recorded and Mixed by Fangsanalsatan
  • Produced by Boris
  • Mastered By Souichirou Nakamura
  • Translated By – Yoshiko Ikeda
  • Thanks to Kensuke Saito
  • Taisei Umeki - Story: A Home That Is Far
  • Touko Aimiya - Story: A Midnight Cat
  • Chihiro Suda - Story: Lowering Her Eyes, She's Smiling
  • Kouhei Igarashi - Story: The Trail

Pressing History[edit]

Year Label Format Country Out of Print? Notes
2005 Inoxia LP Japan Yes Ltd. 600
2005 Catune CD Japan No
2005 Essence CD Brazil Yes Ltd. 2000
2005 Essence Box CD Brazil Yes Ltd. 199 hand numbered


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