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Sound Voltex
First releaseSound Voltex Booth
January 18, 2012
Latest releaseSound Voltex: Exceed Gear
February 17, 2021

Sound Voltex (Japanese: サウンド ボルテックス, stylized as SOUND VOLTEX, often shortened as SDVX) is a series of music games by Konami. Sound Voltex Booth was tested on various cities in Japan starting on August 26, 2011 until September 19, 2011.[1] It was then released on January 18, 2012.

Sequels Sound Voltex II: Infinite Infection, Sound Voltex III: Gravity Wars, Sound Voltex IV: Heavenly Haven, Sound Voltex: Vivid Wave, and Sound Voltex: Exceed Gear were released on June 5, 2013, November 20, 2014, December 21, 2016, February 28, 2019, and February 17, 2021 respectively. Sound Voltex has seen a limited release in arcades outside of Japan.[2] A conversion of Sound Voltex III: Gravity Wars, with the subtitle Konami Game Station was released as a PC game on October 4, 2017.


Two standard Sound Voltex and two Valkyrie model cabinets running Exceed Gear.

Sound Voltex has two different parts that relate to each other: Sound Voltex Booth and Sound Voltex Floor. Sound Voltex Booth is the main game, while Sound Voltex Floor is a system wherein game content is created by Japanese artists and musicians.[3] Content chosen from Sound Voltex Floor will be inserted into Sound Voltex Booth and become available in the game.

Unlike most rhythm arcade games, Sound Voltex does not require players to play the music correctly. Instead, players are challenged to put various effects on the existing music track.


Control panel


Various objects come towards the player on the course lane, which consists of 6 columns with rails. The player is required to input corresponding commands when the object reaches the Critical Line at the bottom of the screen. The command required will differ, depending on the objects.[2]

Rate systems[edit]

As the player hits the objects, a judgment is received—from highest to lowest: S-Critical (Valkyrie Model only), Critical, Near, and Error—depending on the timing of hitting the objects. Getting S-Critical and Critical fills the rate gauge, while Error depletes it. From SDVX II onward, Near also fills the gauge, but fills 1/4 of the amount compared to S-Critical or Critical. The player is required to fill the rate gauge a certain amount by the time the stage ends to clear it; otherwise the play session will be over. The amount required to fill the gauge differs depending on the rate system the player is using.

Skill Analyzer[edit]

Skill Analyzer mode is a mode added in SDVX II, which can let the player test their Skill Level. The player selects a course to play which will immediately begin after selection. Each course increases in difficulty depending on the Skill Level. Each Skill Level has 3 different courses for the player to select.

There are 12 Skill Levels (in SDVX III) which are named after colors:

  • Lv. 01 Bronze (岳翔)
  • Lv. 02 Blue (流星)
  • Lv. 03 Yellow (月衡)
  • Lv. 04 White (瞬光)
  • Lv. 05 Water Blue (天極)
  • Lv. 06 Emerald Green (烈風)
  • Lv. 07 Red (雷電)
  • Lv. 08 Pink (麗華)
  • Lv. 09 Silver (魔騎士)
  • Lv. 10 Gold (剛力羅)
  • Lv. 11 Crimson (或帝滅斗)
  • Lv. ∞ Purple (暴龍天)


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