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"Sounds Like"
Masters of Horror episode
Sounds Like DVD cover.jpg
DVD cover
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 4
Directed byBrad Anderson
Written byBrad Anderson

based on short story,

Sounds Like, by Mike O'Driscoll
Production code204
Original air dateNovember 17, 2006
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"The V Word"
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"Sounds Like" is the fourth episode of the second season of Masters of Horror. It is directed by Brad Anderson, and originally aired in North America on November 17, 2006.[1]


Quality control supervisor Larry Pearce (Chris Bauer) spends his days monitoring the nuances of his tech support staff's telephone conversations. Listening is his life. However, after his young son's death, he experiences a supernaturally heightened sense of hearing, Larry is forced to take violent action to silence the horrific cacophony in his head. He comes home to find that everything, including the small appliances, creates insufferable noise.


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