SourceForge Enterprise Edition

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Developer(s) CollabNet
Stable release 4.4
Available in English
Type revision control and software development management system and Bug tracking system
License proprietary
Website CollabNet TeamForge

SourceForge Enterprise Edition is a collaborative revision control and software development management system. It provides a front-end to a range of software development lifecycle services and integrates with a number of free software / open source software applications (such as PostgreSQL and Subversion).

While originally itself open source software, SourceForge was commercialized as v2.5 prototype code and eventually relicensed under a proprietary software license as SourceForge Enterprise Edition. The original codebase was forked by the GNU Project as Savane. It was also later forked as GForge by one of the SourceForge programmers, and then GForge was itself forked as FusionForge by three GForge developers.

Originally sold by VA Software, SourceForge Enterprise Edition was acquired by CollabNet on April 24, 2007.[1] CollabNet subsequently integrated SourceForge Enterprise Edition with its own CollabNet Enterprise Edition and product, taking architectural and product elements from both systems, and re-launched the enhanced product as TeamForge in 2008. Since 2007, TeamForge has continued to undergo development, adding in a series of application lifecycle management tools. is owned and administrated by Dice Holdings.

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