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The South County car bomber was a person (or persons) who terrorized south St. Louis County, Missouri with a series of fatal car bombings in 1977.[1]

Two people – Shirley Marie Flynn and Robert Curtis Jackson – were killed in bombings on October 18, 1977 and November 3, 1977, respectively.[2] A third victim, Ronald Sterghos, escaped injury in an earlier attack on October 7, 1977.[2][3]

The bombings ceased after that and were never solved, despite an extensive effort by police.[2] The bombings appear to have been random[1] and some investigators believed that they were the work of a deranged individual,[1] although authorities have also noted similarities between the St. Louis County bombings and a car bombing on March 7, 1978 in Paducah, Kentucky in which William Ohlhausen, who had been Shirley Flynn's boyfriend, was seriously injured.[3]


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