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Sandy Valley Correctional Facility, Jean, NV

Southern Nevada Correctional Center was a medium-security prison in Southern Nevada in the United States owned and operated by the Nevada Department of Corrections. Located in Clark County approximately 30 miles south of Las Vegas, off Interstate 15, in Jean, it was permanently closed in July 2008.[1] The prison had closed in 2000 and re-opened in 2006 to house inmates under 25 years of age.[2]


Opened in 1978, the facility originally housed prisoners who were serving sentences that resulted from their having been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. Later a psych center was established in Desert Hall which housed a medium security psychological treatment facility for inmates deemed to be too impaired to be allowed among the general population. In the 1980s the prison contained mostly sex offenders, other offenders who had been on protective custody in other prisons in the state and "lifers" who had been in custody for many years with no problems.[citation needed]

In 2006 the center installed the first in the nation electronic tracking system for all prisoners.[3]


The cell blocks are situated alongside the left, right, and rear sides of a central campus and, from the outside, resemble condominiums or apartments constructed in free-standing modules. Each housing unit consists of two "wings". Each wing has a central rotunda with two tiers of cells. The cells are fitted for two people with a bunk bed, sink and toilet. There are no bars. Each cell has a door with a small window in it. There are no shrubs, trees, or grass inside the compound, which is double fenced. The interior fence, a heavy-duty chain-link fence, is approximately 20 feet tall, curves inward near the top, and is topped with a roll of razor-wire. The outside fence is also a heavy-duty chain-link fence. It is taller than the interior fence, also curves inward near its top, and is equipped with not one, but two, rolls of razor-wire along its top. Another roll of razor-wire is attached along the bottom of the exterior fence, making even an approach to the fence difficult, if not impossible. Instead of grass, shrubs, and trees, the compound inside the double fence contains raked gravel which is tan in color.

Sidewalks, which are identified by an alphanumeric code at their heads, lead to the modules and the cafeteria. At the south end of the compound is the gym, and the north end contains the chapel, school and administrative building and visiting center.(Ref. - former inmate 1984–1991)


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Coordinates: 35°46′28″N 115°18′46″W / 35.77444°N 115.31278°W / 35.77444; -115.31278