Southside Story (Big Mello album)

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Southside Story
Southside Story.jpg
Studio album by Big Mello
Released August 13, 1996
Recorded 1995-1996

Gangsta Rap

 Length      = 
Label = N-Terrogation Records
Rap-A-Lot Records
Big Mello chronology
Southside Story'
The Gift
(2002)The Gift2002

This is the third album of Houston legend Big Mello.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Intro
  2. Da A.P.T
  3. Stackin' Paper (featuring Edie & Mo' Dangerous)
  4. Sucka Free
  5. Fancy Thanz (featuring Fliponya)
  6. Gotz Ta Gat Ova
  7. Flossin' (featuring Black Nat)
  8. Knock, Knock
  9. N****z Been Lyin'
  10. Strapped Assassin'
  11. Too Much Stress
  12. Gotta Hold On
  13. Hittin' Lyxx
  14. Don't Scream
  15. You Can't Run
  16. We Brangz Da Drama (featuring Klondike Kat)