Space Men

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Space Men
Space Men poster.jpg
Italian film poster for Space Men
Directed by Antonio Margheriti[1]
Screenplay by
Starring Rik Van Nutter
Cinematography Marcello Masciocchi[2]
Distributed by Titanus
Release dates
  • August 1960 (1960-08) (Italy)
Country Italy[2]

Space Men is a 1960 Italian science fiction film starring Rik Van Nutter and directed by Antonio Margheriti. It follows an assignment by Interplanetary News reporter Ray Peterson aboard a space station in the 21st century. Despite problems with the base commander, he is eventually responsible for stopping a space ship which threatens to destroy the Earth.


  • Rik Van Nutter as Ray Peterson (IZ41)
  • Gabriella Farinon as Lucy (Y13)
  • David Montresor as George the Commander
  • Archie Savage as Al (X15)
  • Alain Dijon as Archie (Y16)
  • Franco Fantasia as Sullivan
  • Joe Pollini as King 116
  • David Maran as Davis
  • José Néstor as Venus Commander
  • Anita Todesco as Venus Control
  • Aldo Pini as Jacson


Director Antonio Margheriti had read science fiction comic books since a young age, and when he was offered to direct a science fiction film, he immediately seized the opportunity.[3]

The film was made from a script written by Margheriti and Ennio De Concini.[3] The film was shot the same time director Mario Bava was filming Black Sunday on a sound stage the next door.[4]


Space Men opened in Rome in August of 1960 where it was distributed by Titanus.[1][2] It's United States premiere was under the title of Assignment: Outer Space, in San Diego on December 13 1961.[2]

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