Space Pilot

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Space Pilot
Space Pilot Screenshot.png
Screenshot from the first level
Publisher(s) Kingsoft GmbH
Platform(s) Commodore 64
Release 1984
Genre(s) shoot 'em up

Space Pilot is a shoot 'em up game based on aircraft combat for the Commodore 64, released in 1984 by Kingsoft GmbH.[1] It's clone of Time Pilot, a 1982 arcade game by Konami. The game takes place in the sky, which scrolls freely in eight directions, without any restrictions or obstacles whatsoever. The player controls a fighter airplane, which is capable of flying in any direction. The enemies also take the form of various aircraft, and fly in various directions. On each level, the player's task is to destroy a certain number of enemy aircraft, after which a "boss" enemy appears. Destroying this enemy advances the game onto the next level.

There are five levels, set in various years: 1919, 1940, 1970, 1984 and 2001. On the first, second, and fourth levels, the enemies are various types of airplanes. On the third level they are helicopters and on the fifth level they are UFOs.

A sequel, Space Pilot II, was released in 1985. Space Pilot II is a direct continuation of the previous game, with only the settings of the levels changed. The sequel abandons the historical setting and instead uses a futuristic science fiction scenario.


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