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Olli Wisdom
Also known as Space Tribe
Genres Glam rock, gothic rock, deathrock, psychedelic trance, post-punk
Occupation(s) Musician, singer
Associated acts Specimen

Olli Wisdom is a British Goa and psy trance musician, and clothing producer, currently residing in London. Since the 1990s he has recorded under the name Space Tribe.[1]

Wisdom is also significant for his role in the early 1980s as the singer in the theatrical glam and gothic rock group Specimen, and running the famous London goth club The Batcave. Prior to forming Specimen and opening the Batcave nightclub, Wisdom was the frontman for the punk band, The Unwanted. Their most popular song was a cover version of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'". After the Unwanted, Wisdom joined Metroz for a few months.[citation needed]

Wisdom has been a pioneer of psychedelic trance for many years. After Specimen split up, in 1986 Olli went travelling in Asia and in 1988 came to Koh Phangan in Thailand where he first encountered the electro-driven wild psychedelic parties on the beach. He stayed there for two years, DJing, and set up a small studio and making tracks for the parties, before moving to Goa, India.

Over the next four years, Olli spent his time mostly in Goa, but starting to travel around DJing parties in other places (San Francisco, Switzerland, UK, Japan). In 1993, Olli, his brother Miki, and Richmond started Space Tribe clothing in Bali. In 1995, the first Space Tribe tracks were hatched in the studio with Simon Posford (Hallucinogen/Shpongle).

Olli moved to the rainforest in Byron Bay in Australia and set up the Rainforest Space Base studio. Space Tribe released its first album, Sonic Mandala, on Spirit Zone in 1996. In 2004 Space Tribe Music was set up as a record label providing an outlet for Space Tribe releases and compilation albums. Space Tribe has also made many tracks in collaboration with other artists such as Sirius Isness, X-Dream, GMS, Menog, CPU, Psywalker and especially Electric Universe, working under the name ESP.

Olli travels all over the world, playing live at parties in a variety of locations such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Israel, America, Thailand, India, Ibiza, Bali, England, Germany, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Portugal and Chile.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Wisdom has a daughter, born in 1996.


Space Tribe[edit]


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